An unforgettable experience 

In the eastern corner of the Central African Republic lies a vast territory, covering more than 44 million acres, totally free of any human enroachment. This is the land where the rainforest meets with the rolling hills and the savannas of the north. It stretches from fast-flowing and crystal-clear streams in the rainforests and mountains to the mighty, lazy rivers of Mbari and Chinko.

The hunting area covers 4.4 million acres in the middle of this wilderness. The area is very special in the way that it is possible to combine savannah hunting with forest hunting, as both biotopes are present throughout the whole concession.

We organize 2, 3 and 4 week safaris in our quest for the most prestigious animals of Africa; Lord Derby Eland, Bongo, Giant forest hog, Leopard, Lion.

We guarantee an opportunity for shot at these five premier trophies.

The hunting season is from December to May.

The transfers (go/back) from Bangui to our camp are done by private plane.

We have a Cessna 206 parked on the runway in case of emergency.

CAR entry  requirements are as follows: visa, yellow fever inoculation and an anti-malarial prophylaxis.

Prices, terms and conditions on request.

Bongo 6

Buffle 1


Hylochere 1

Eland de derby

 Hunting video in Central Africa: