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I grew up in  West Africa, where I started to hunt as soon as I could carry a weapon. Since then I have covered a number of countries in my African expeditions. 

Professional hunter for more than 20 years, I have guided and conducted hunts in Burkina Faso, Benin, Central Africa, Cameroon, Tanzania, Zimbabwe and South Africa. Passionate about Bongo and Derby Eland I also love to hunt Lion by calling, tracking the long ivory in the Selous game reserve as well as calling Buffalo.

My next African expeditions will be in BENIN for West African Savannah Buffalo and Western Roan, in CAMEROON for Lord Derby Eland and in CONGO Brazzaville for Bongo, Sitatunga and Dwarf buffalo.

Experience, organisation, knowledge, passion, fun, friendship and sustainable hard hunting is what I want to share with hunters.


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If like me, you strongly believe in sustainable hunting in Africa, train yourself:





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